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Today over 150,000 people in the United States live in constant fear of arrest and government persecution of their families because of private religious, family, and relationship choices. These consenting adults simply ask for the same recognition that is today extended to the vast majority of individuals. In America we celebrate the recent and long awaited recognition of rights for same sex couples. This was a very hard fought battle, but the war is not over!

There are still thousands of American men and women who not only are forbidden from recognizing their unions with legal marriage, but are actually considered criminals in most states simply because of the choice for who they love. Polygamy, or Plural Marriage, is currently considered a crime in the US. Not only do polygamist families lack the benefits and rights that are afforded to straight and homosexual couples, they actually face arrest and imprisonment for simply exercising the right of loving the person they choose to love. This issue crosses all cultures and political affiliations. Large numbers of polygamist families exist in diverse religious cultures including Christianity, Islam, Mormon Christianity, Hinduism, Traditional Judaism, African cultures, and those of no religion whatsoever who just choose to join a plural union. Polygamists include Democrats and Republicans. All races are represented including Whites, Asians, Middle Easterners, Blacks, Jews, Indians, and those of mixed race. This is truly a diverse issue that touches all corners of our great nation.

Fight for Polygamist Rights with PolygamyNext

Fighting for Polygamist Rights

Times are changing. Slowly small groups of concerned citizens are getting their voices heard. Currently the mainstream media are finally starting to debate and report on this obvious infringement of rights. PolygamyNext is a newly forming and rapidly growing movement. We seek to foster discussion on polygamist issues, and fight for the eventual decriminalization and recognition of polygamist relationships nationwide. Spread the word. Help protect families. Polygamy Next!

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